October is the SPOOKIEST month of the year, but luckily it was a month full of treats and not tricks for us here at WWP! So before I get carried away by all the Halloween puns, I will let you know about all the fangtastic things we got up to this October….. (sorry I couldn’t resist)!

The work

Of course there has been a lot of work going on in the office this month as always. At the start of the month, Josh was invited to talk to the film and TV students at North Kent College in Dartford. Josh spent a morning with the students, talking a bit about his work and answering the questions the students had. It was a great morning and the students were fantastic. The school even wrote a lovely article about Josh’s visit that you can read here! We are looking forward to going back again next year to see how they are getting on!


 The Events

The team have been to loads of events this month, so I will keep it brief! We were invited to art galleries, talks and an exciting evening with The Evening Standard.

At the start of the month, Josh was invited to the opening exhibition of ‘Mirror of Darkness’, created by Erdogan Zumrutoglu. It was a chance to meet the artist himself and view his incredible work.

Josh meeting Erdogan Zumrutoglu

However, this was not the only art gallery the team went to. Chloe and myself attended the The House of Fine Arts exhibition after the team were invited to attend the evening. There were some truly beautiful pieces which you can see below!

Chloe and Katie at the House of Fine Art’s exhibition

Chloe and Susan attended the 15th World Elite Young Leaders Summit, which was held in London. The summit was about the cultural interaction between China and the western world. Here is a sneak peak from the event!

Josh and Anthony headed off to The Evening Standard’s #Progress1000 evening. This was an event celebrating the most influential people in London. Josh and Anthony were treated to a performance by the London based Kingdom Choir that performed at the Royal Wedding in April. As well as this, they got to meet so many inspiring individuals including Josie Naughton who is the CEO and co-founder of Help Refugees. The night was hosted by George Osborne, who is the editor of the newspaper.

Josh sat front row at Carla Fernandez fashion show hosted at the Victoria and Albert museum.

As the BFI Film Festival took place this month, Chloe and AJ went to go and see some of those in the industry talk about their upcoming projects. Keira Knightley (actress) and Alfonso Cuarón (director and writer) were among the individuals they saw. Fun fact for you now, Alfonso directed Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.


Stuart was celebrating a very special birthday this month, not his own but Blue Peter’s! If you didn’t know Blue Peter turned 60 this year and Stuart was a presenter on the show from 1994-1999. Stuart had a packed day full of interviews, and at the end of the day they celebrated with a party that had all the presenters from Blue Peter attend, from Anthea Turner to Richard Bacon.

Stuart and Richard Bacon
Stuart with John Leslie and Ayo Akinwolere


Chloe and Josh met up with Jeremy Archer this month, as he was hosting an event to talk about his latest book. If you didn’t already know, WWP is adapting Jeffrey’s book ‘False Impressions’ in to a TV series. We love these photos with him and the team below!

Josh, Jeremy Archer and Chloe

 Josh was also invited to the London Youth Choir performance this month! The night was celebrating their achievements and also meant Josh got to meet with some of the choir and the likes of Jo Brand! Here he is with the choir below!

Josh and the London Youth Choir

Another event that Josh was invited to was The Creator Awards. The event had Ashton Kutcher involved and Diplo perform. The event was fantastic and was a great chance for Josh to meet loads of inspiring people, plus run in to some friends.

 So I think I have mentioned all of the events for this month, I did warn you there were a lot!


The News

Some exciting news for the blog this month, we have started a new weekly blog called #WednesdayWisdom. Each Wednesday, I will be posting a blog that gives some advice about the world of production, and each week the question will focus on one specific thing. So look out for that every Wednesday!


Now for some even more exciting news. Josh has been nominated for an award at the YBBA awards, which are being held next month in London! We are keeping our fingers crossed until then!



As mentioned Stuart was celebrating Blue Peter’s birthday this month. This also gave Stuart a chance to reflect on his time on the show. Stuart was featured in the Metro talking about all his favourite memories and his one regret from it. If you haven’t read it click here!

Stuart pictured with his fellow presenters, from his article in The Metro


Josh was featured in SpielaCo this month. Josh was talking about the importance of focusing on your own path and not comparing yourself to others. The full article can be read here.

While at the ‘Mirror of Darkness’ exhibition, Josh and I met the talented Erica Bergsmeds. Erica is a director, photographer and founder and CEO of Blowout Magazine. She featured Josh in her latest issue. Josh and I spent the afternoon with Erica as she took some photos of Josh to be used for the magazine. One of them can be seen below! Josh calls it ‘In Two Minds’.

Josh with Erica Bergsmeds


We now take a moment to enjoy some pictures taken in the office this month!


Here is AJ making good use of our office walls.


Yaki made some treats for the office


The team at a development meeting #squadghouls

 AJ teaching me the paparazzi life

 Astrid and Miki attempting to hide from the sun

Mixed reviews about the office fire alarm practice

 Chloe and Miki involved in a very deep meaningful conversation

Chloe’s cacti (Josh Junior) has grown so much, we are looking at finding him a new vase!

 Ryan getting in to the Halloween spirit (ok ok no more Halloween puns)

So an eventful October for WWP and we look forward to what is coming up in November! See you then!

 P.S Which Josh Wilson are you today? Let us know!  

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