The Importance of Development in TV

There are so many roles required in the production industry. There are directors, producers, camera crew, stylists, the lists goes on and on. However, all of these roles rely on one thing, an idea. A production comes from the development of an idea, which will have been assembled, analysed and adapted by a development team. Without this idea, there isn’t a production to make. Duncan McAlpine, our Head of Development, explains to us why Development is so important.

2018 is my thirtieth year (oh my god!) in Development and back then in the Jurassic Age it wasn’t even called as such. I remember interviewing for a job at ITV Carlton and presented my CV as a Producer/Development Producer, the boss lady conducting the interviews looked up at me quizzically and asked “Development Producer, what’s that?” I borrowed the term from the film world as it seemed appropriate, particularly as I was

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