Josh Wilson Invited to Speak at Esher College

As part of his work with his charity Genisys, Josh has travelled around to different colleges to speak to students about his journey and how he got to where he is today. Part of this journey was spent in Esher College, where Josh attended until he graduated in 2008. Therefore, heading back to Esher College was a trip down memory lane for Josh finding the school is very similar to what it was when he was there. Josh even ran in to a few familiar faces. His visit was a chance to inspire the next generation of students as well as show them what can be done after graduating the college.

As always, Josh spoke about his career and all the struggles he faced. As the students were not all film and media students, it was not just focused on advice about how to get in to the media industry, but also how to develop a business.

We look forward to visiting Esher College again in the future!



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Esher College