In the month of April we saw the come back of the long awaited Game of Thrones series, the final film in the Avengers series and the best excuse to eat chocolate. The team were busy working away on all of our projects whilst trying to avoid spoilers coming at us from EVERY SINGLE ANGLE! I love twitter but it is a dangerous place when you are trying to avoid spoilers! Anyway, here is what the team got up to this month!

In the office

We have started writing on the blogging platform Medium! The team will be posting stuff about the industry and their views on different topics. We already have a few blogs up which include; Duncan giving advice to those who want to work in TV, to myself talking about the good stuff that Social Media gives us. Have a little nosey of our profile here!

April catch up

The team had three new interns start with us this month! Dorris found us through our partnership with GoUni, and the other two are students that found us through Josh’s school visits. It is always fun to be able to pass on our knowledge to those who want to get involved!

Our new intern Dorris also went to Disneyland Paris this month, she also happened to come back with a treat for the office and it took all my restraint to not finish the whole box in one go! They were so good it was difficult to share!

April catch up

Here is some of us as we enjoyed an unexpected fire drill this month! Having to climb 9 flights of steps once it was over was not that fun though!

April catch up

As April has brought some glorious weather to us the sunglasses came out of hiding. Therefore it was a chance for Josh to model some new sunglasses I bought. Enjoy…

April catch up

As always I could not go a month without taking a photo of the view from our office! As a result enjoy yet another one of my regular tourist pictures below…

April catch up

Events in April

Josh was invited to the Miss USSR pageant event this month.  

April catch up

He was also invited to check out the latest exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery this month!

April catch up

Features in April

This month Josh was announced as a judge for the IBC Young Pioneer Award 2019. The award celebrates the brightest, newest young talent in the industry. The winner will be announced at the awards which are being hosted in Amsterdam in September. If you were looking to be part of the awards, the deadline to enter is the 1st May! By the way The Young Pioneer award is open to anyone under 30.

IBC Award

Last month Josh took part in his first Facebook Live chat for Just Entrepreneurs, and this month Anthony did one as well! He was discussing why it is essential for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make sure the hiring of a PR is necessary and within their means! You can see the discussion by clicking here!

Josh was featured in Natwest Magazine to talk about the importance of learning and self-development. The article asked three entrepreneurs from different industries to give advice as to how we can improve our self-development. They were also asked why self-development is so important. You can read what Josh and the others said by clicking here!

Who doesn’t love a good podcast to listen to? Especially if you are looking for a new one, Josh took part in Love Talkin’s podcast, where he chatted to Monica Wadwa about the ups and downs of getting to where he is today. There are two podcasts for the chat that Josh had which you can find here!

Finally, Josh will be heading to Barcelona today. Therefore I will be able to show you what he got up to in the next monthly catch up!

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