A Day In The Life: Susan Tang

For anyone aspiring to work in production, what better way to find out exactly what you could be signing up for by getting to know what we do day to day? Each week, we will follow one of the team as they explain a day in their life. This week we got to know a bit more about Susan Tang, she is the Head of our Asia department! To let us know more about Susan we asked her what she does in a day.



Since I have a son, I always do the usual routine as a mother, I cook breakfast, urge my child to wear their school uniform, and drop off my child off at their school. Sometimes during this period, I discuss some work with my contacts in China because of the time difference. I then go to the tube station to get to work. 

During The Day (09:00-17:30)

We are always discussing new ideas and projects. The kind of stuff we develop needs to work for Chinese production companies and broadcasters. For these kind of international projects, we need to do research on the market, including looking at the different cultural backgrounds and different audience tastes. We keep connected with creative teams from both China and the UK as well as keeping in regular contact with commissioning editors from both countries.  Between both sides, there always needs to be good communication and understanding and we are always working on this. To some extent, our Asian department acts as a bridge between the two sides sometimes…




I go to pick up my child and get back home. Sometimes when my child is in China for the summer holiday, I usually meet friends or go to different museums and galleries. I enjoy using Late Night London, which helps me go to the different events after work.


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