What Movie or TV Show Has Inspired you?

Programmes and films can inspire us in so many different ways and for many different reasons. It can inspire us to change the way we live, dress or eat. They can even help us decide our future. I asked the team what movie or TV show that had inspired them and how?


I was thinking about this for while and I feel the one film I must say was very inspiring on watching was Limitless. The story of a man so down on his life who then takes a mystery experimental drug that allows him to access more of his brain and essentially maximise his potential. When his potential is maximised it leads to him going on a journey of understanding trends in the market to negotiating world changing mergers to being on a course to the White House!



The tv show that unquestionably inspired me was Doctor Who. How many hours did I spend behind the couch when the Daleks were exterminating – in one memorable scene at the end, the black sucker cup advancing towards us and filling up the whole tv screen – or The Tomb of the Cybermen where these creatures were bursting out of a beehive-like structure, ripping aside the (probably BBC Workshop polythene) membrane to emerge from their cocoons? It was programmes like these that made me wonder from quite an early age how they were actually made and could I climb into the tv and help tell the story?


Well, as it turned out when I joined the BBC in 1986 in Series and Serials as a Runner, one of my first jobs was on Doctor Who and ending up in one of those ubiquitous quarries-which-look-a-bit-like-planets. Loved working on Doctor Who though Sylvester McCoy wasn’t my favourite and actually not a very nice man in my experience. I also got some silica sand in my eye from that quarry which scratched the retina and made me very ill for the subsequent studio work for my episodes which had to be filmed in a circus tent pitched in the car-park at BBC Elstree owing to an asbestos scare at BBC TV Centre. I had to wear dark glasses through that bit of filming and my Producer thought I was mimicking him and his propensity for wearing the shades and looking cool!



I tried to recall what movie/TV show had inspired me, it seemed that I could not think of one really. So to make up for that I can talk about two of my favorite movies which is similar. One of them is Leon (The professional), the other is Fight Club. In particular, the plotline in Fight Club is full of twists and turns, and the characters are complicated, very attractive and the story also expresses people’s desire in the modern world. I also like how it shows how they find out the release way…



This would probably have to be the first series of Planet Earth. I remember watching it as a kid with my family and being fascinated by the whole thing, but it was also the first time I really understood that people actually made these programmes due to the “making of” section at the end. I couldn’t believe it, and immediately wanted to become a filmmaker of sorts myself when I grew up. Low and behold, all these years later here I am! Wouldn’t change a thing.


The film that most inspired me growing up was John Hughes ‘The Breakfast Club’… growing up wasn’t fun or easy for me… when i saw a circle people saw a square, when I would say the sky is green I would be told it’s blue. I wanted to grow up accepting others are a little different and finally I saw a film that translated that for me. The breakfast club was the most important film in my adolescence as its taught me everyone’s fighting something, everyone’s different. The best you can do is accept and encourage that. No better a premise then that right?!



A series that has inspired me would be the Stacey Dooley documentaries. They have shone a light on such different aspects in our world, such as drugs, domestic violence and homelessness. The episodes really opens up the world we are living in. One of the most recent episodes showed the audience how a sea had disappeared due to cotton farming. These shows really highlight how humans are having such an effect on the planet. The series has made me fall in love with documentaires and inspired me to help highlight these social issues.



‘An Education’. It has influenced my choices of fashion, style, music, dresses and jazz music etc. I really like ‘The Cambridge bag’. The girl’s love for arts, theatre, music, literature has also inspired me a lot. I even took french lessons because of the film (as the girl loves French culture).  And I absolutely love the British accent and London in this film.



I like so many films and TV shows. If I have to say one that has had a famous and profound influence on me, it should be the series of Doctor Who. It has some sci-fi episodes that are as exciting as a movie, and some single episode discussing the relationship between life and the universe. These kinds of shows lead to further thinking. I like the powerful and reversed plot lines and I like how it can touch the audience to inspire them to think. I like Doctor Who a lot!



Legally blonde: this movie had a big impact on my life as a teenager. I watched the film seven or eight times. This movie inspired me to study hard and treat my love life well. Everything could be done successfully as long as you believe in yourself. Life is our own, to work hard, to be a strong female. This also broke my traditional understanding or legal personnel. Not all lawyers wear black and white, and you can always wear pink!

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what movie or tv show has inspired you?