It is the end of March already…WHAT! Who can believe we are already a quarter of the way into the year? I really can’t complain though as we have officially entered into the British Summertime. Cheers to longer and warmer days!

As the office has been enjoying longer sunnier days, we have also had a pretty eventful month. We had yet another birthday, a few farewells and a brand new look! So lets catch you up on what we’ve been up to…

Office News in March

Our big announcement this month was that we have a brand new logo! We decided that it was time for a new look, and the lovely team down at Lunar Works designed our brand new look! We absolutely LOVE it!


This month it was Anthony’s birthday! Our favourite Head of PR celebrated with cake for breakfast with his family, and if that’s not the birthday of dreams then you’re lying!

This month Josh was talking all about the work/ life balance and everything in between for Steve Whiteley’s podcast. Keep an eye on our socials as I will be sharing the link to it once its released! For now, here are some behind the scenes pictures from the podcast!


For International Women’s Day this month the women of WWP all came together for a group pic to celebrate. Yes to the female power at WWP!


It just so happened that on International Napping Day (March 11th), Khai had a little nap for himself during his lunch. As Chloe saw in last months catch up, you can’t fall asleep around the office and not get caught in the process! Here is Khai enjoying his little snooze!

Just Entrepreneurs asked Josh to lead a Facebook live chat this month. Streaming live off their facebook page, Josh discussed many things, but in particular he spoke about how to close a deal and the importance of diversity. The chat lasted for about 30 minutes and if you are interested in listening to what he said click the link here!

For now, here is Josh during his Facebook live!

With a goodbye for now, we sadly said farewell to Ajeta this month as she heads back to India. Ajeta will be hugely missed but it is a goodbye for now and not forever! On her final day with us here in the office, Ajeta and some of us went for a final lunch, as you will see below I think she was pretty sad to be having her last lunch with us!

Ajeta opening her farewell gifts
Quick! One last pic!

Having a laugh at Shoreditch House

Our last goodbye was to our intern Khai as it came to the end of his experience with us. Thank you for all your hard work Khai and stay in touch!


The Whole Man Academy is a place that allows for men to talk about things such as mental strength, mindset and male identity in the 21st century. This month they launched with a party which Josh was invited to.

Josh with Sean Fletcher (presenter) and Matthew Shaw (Co-founder of the Whole Man Academy)
Where’s Josh?

In March, Pact organised the UK China Creative Exchange which Susan was invited to attend. She attended the Format ailment Workshop which was highly informative!

It was a major trip down memory lane for Josh as he went back to his secondary school to take part in their multicultural week! Grey Court School asked for their alumni to talk to their current students about what they did after school. So Josh and three others from different professions talked to Year 9 and Sixth Form students. As well as this, it turns out that a few of Josh’s teachers were still at the school which meant Josh managed to say hello to them! In particular he found Ms Price, who showed him round the school to see how much it had changed. They even found his year book which the team LOVED when we found a school picture of Josh! Enjoy….

Josh with his school teacher Ms Price

Our show ‘Chasing The Dream’ featured Joshua Buatsi who this month became the British Light Heavyweight Champion, Josh was able to go along to show his support and see him win his title! Congratulations Joshua!







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