In July we had temperatures reaching 38.1 degrees, the country gained a new prime minister and our MD celebrated his birthday. See what the team got up to this month below! 

In the Office

This month it was the the boss’s birthday! Josh’s has turned 29! Of course he celebrated in style, as if you needed to ask, here he is reading his birthday card. We are still trying to work out if that smile is actually a death stare for telling him he’s old haha!

July Catch Up  July Catch Up

As well as a birthday, we celebrated my one year anniversary since starting at WWP! The year has certainly flown by, and with the team I had a little cheers to celebrate the occasion!

July Catch Up

Duncan and Khurrum were out of the country filming for our latest project. Nothing to be revealed just yet but we are super excited about it and can’t wait to tell all! 10 points to Gryffindor for anyone who can guess where they went!

In addition to this, July was a month of celebration as Josh was nominated for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (GBEA). It was announced on Social Media so it was such a great surprise!

Josh Wilson GBEA finalist


At the beginning of the month Josh was invited back to Esher College to speak to the whole of year 12. Having previously visited his old college to speak to a classroom of students, this time he spoke to about  200 students. The day was divided into 4 talks….. now that’s a lot of talking!

July Catch Up
Talk 1 out of 4
July Catch Up
Talk 3 out of 4

With his work with the charity Lepra, Stuart spoke at their event in front of HRH The Duke of Gloucester who was representing the Queen who is patron!

July Catch Up

Josh was at the Houses of Parliament this month. He was invited to celebrate elements of the arts involved in Punjabi culture that are in the house.

July Catch Up July Catch Up July Catch Up


Anthony was featured in the Daily Express this month, discussing how The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could repair their relationship with the press. Therefore, click here to read what advice he specifically gave!



So apart from the team travelling for filming, we didn’t have much travel in July that was based around work. However, a few of the team have been off on their holiday’s (soundtrack to ‘We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday’ plays).  I had a glorious week in Minorca, Susan is in China at the moment and Sturt is off to one of my favourite places on the planet which is Dublin!

July Catch Up
A beautiful sunset in Minorca

Finally in celebration of his birthday month…..

July Catch Up

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