Josh Wilson invited to speak to students at North Kent College

Josh Wilson was invited to talk to students at North Kent College in Dartford.

On Thursday, Josh Wilson visited Media and Film studies students who attend North Kent College. Josh gave a small introduction about his life in the industry and how he went on to found Wilson Worldwide Productions. As well as talking about WWP, Josh gave advice as to how to get in to the industry and what he looks for as an employer. Josh then proceeded to answer any of the questions the students had. 

Josh answered questions about his first deal, what matters to him as an employer and also how to break in to the industry. The students asked many thoughtful questions which allowed Josh to give them a real insight. 

In an article released on the college’s website, it says the students were “inspired” by Josh visiting them. To read the full article, click here.

It was a truly fantastic day getting to visit such bright and enthusiastic students and we look forward to visiting the staff and students at North Kent College again!



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