If you could work on any film or TV show what would it be? While there are so many to choose from, I asked some of the team what they would have worked on if they had the chance. Let us know what you would like to have worked on in the comments below.


Great question, there are legitimately so many programmes I would have loved to be a part of. I think one of the ones that stands out is Roswell. I feel the stories and characters were so interesting and well thought out. It would’ve been great to be a member of that team.


“I would have loved to be involved on the release of the Ghostbusters movie in 2016. Yes, the PR and Marketing team had a big budget, but they got it so right and it was undoubtedly a fun PR campaign to work on.

Having our offices next to Waterloo station, we benefitted from seeing the Marshmallow Man emerge from under the station and I must admit, he made me jump as I slurped my morning Latte Macchiato. With additional green slime adorning the famous commuter platforms, the impact was huge and it had blanket coverage globally.

Sony also cleverly partnered with SnapChat with

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