Everything you need to know about BH 90210

BH 90210 was THE show to watch back in the 90s at its best the show was drawing in 18.5 millions viewers per episode. The reboot will be different from the original though so here is what we can expect from the new series. 

About the show

In March 2018 it was announced that a 90210 related series was being produced. 

Luke Perry was offered to reprise his role but was unable to due to his work on ‘Riverdale’. However, he did say that he would do as many appearances as he could to stay involved. Unfortunately Perry passed away in March after suffering from a stroke before filming started. 

The series includes original stars Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and many more. 

Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Paul Sciarrotta was named as the new showrunner, meaning he was replacing Patrick Sean Smith. There was no explanation given as to why this had happened. Sciarrotta has worked on “Jane the Virgin” previously. 

In the original series, Tori Spelling appears in 290 of the 292 episodes. Meaning that she is in more episodes then anyone else. 

This is not the first time there was a reboot of the 90210 series. Between 2008- 2013 there was a new series. Many of the original cast made appearances especially Jennie Garth. Jason Priestley directed one of these episodes. 

While speaking to Oprah, Ian Ziering revealed that he had attempted to sell a reunion script based on the original cast members. As we can guess none of the networks picked this up. 

In May, it was announced that Alani Nicole Anthony would be joining the cast of BH 90210. She was the first cast member to join who was not on the original series. 

Other cast members that were not in the original series are Denise Richards, Vanessa Lachey and Ivan Sergei. 

Shannen Doherty revealed that Luke Perry’s death would be addressed in the first episode. 

On July 11 the first trailer with footage was released. 

Originally Doherty was not going to be in the reversioned series however after Perry’s death, she agreed to do it in his honour. “For lots of reasons. To honor Luke, who was so important to me, and to honor his memories.”

Speaking about Perry being missing from set, Jennie Garth said “It’s very difficult, but I do know that he’s with us,” She also said “I see little messages from him, and his energy is here.”

Tori Kelly was the one who spearheaded this reboot, having said that from the minute the original show ended she was finding ways to bring it back.

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BH 90210