For anyone aspiring to work in production, what better way to find out exactly what you could be signing up for by getting to know what we do day to day? Each week, we will follow one of the team as they explain a day in their life. This week we got to know Anthony Burr, our Head of PR! Anthony gave us a rundown on what he does day to day!


Before Work

It’s 4.45am and I clamber out of bed to begin my day. If I get up any later than 5.30am then I am already playing catch up. It’s not just my busy work schedule that gets me out of bed, but my home schedule. I do an hour of exercising in my gym at home (the garage) and then I take my dogs out for a long walk. That not only keeps my faithful hounds happy, but it’s the time when I process the day ahead. At 7am I have breakfast with my eldest daughter before she catches the bus to her school and then chaos ensues. Daughter numbers 2 and 3 wake up and the next hour or so is a mixture of getting me ready, them ready for school and nursery whilst also answering urgent emails with my remaining free digit on my phone. After school and nursery run, I catch the train to London at 9am and open my laptop for the day ahead




During Work

The beauty of PR is that it is not an exact science and even the best planned day can turn on one single event. A good day is when everything goes according to plan. A great day is when you exceed your daily expectations and something unplanned becomes a great piece of news coverage or a super opportunity arises completely out of the blue. A bad day is when you have to cancel everything to try and fix something, but you fail and the bad stuff happens. It’s not uncommon for me to have breakfast with a journalist, then manage a fashion or celebrity photo shoot, lunch at the Houses of Parliament followed by attending a tech conference and ending up at a sporting event in the evening. Different disciplines, different mind-sets but always the same objective.




After work? Does it ever end? Sometimes I do get the chance to spend a small part of the evening with my beautiful wife. Granted, we are both probably operating with only 10 per cent battery left in our tanks, but we’ll have a glass of something nice and watch an episode of our favourite movies or boxsets.


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